TUESDAY - MAR 27 - 12:00AM
Spring Camp Day 2 (March 27)

Hey Everyone, we had issues with Fun Park Amusements. I booked it in January as they gave me a firm opening date of February 1st. I have been in contact with them about 8-10 times since Feb 1 and they assured they'd be open. Last week I spoke to them and they said they would be open by last Friday due to the City of Winnipeg occupancy permit. Then they said by Monday (4 days ago)

l just came from visiting the location and although they are completely ready to open, they are unable due to no occupancy permit.

As an alternative, I have booked SkyZone trampoline park and ice cream at Bridge Drive Inn.

Please fill out the waiver online at http://www.skyzone.com/winnipeg by Monday.
Times: drop-off between 8:15am-9:15am (doors lock at 9:15am)
Pickup between 4:30-5:15pm

Cost for this day: $40

What to bring:
-If you have jump socks please bring them
-Water bottle (filled)
Lunch is included