Monday, Aug. 27: Warm Parks and Cool Skates
Monday - Aug 27 - 12:00am

-Morning Loft Town free play
-Ice breaker games and group making
-Stage time with bible program
-Crepe lunch at the church
-Afternoon some warm parks and skating at Canlan Arena

Drop-off times: Between 8:15am-9:15am (doors will lock at 9:15am sharp)
Pickup times: Between 4:30pm-5:15pm

What to bring:
-Water Bottle (refillable with name on it)
-Ice Skates (optional) If you don't want to skate, we will have an alternative activity
-Helmet (must wear one to skate) and warm clothes for the rink
-hockey sticks optional
-Bag lunch (if not part of lunch program)
-Feel free to bring some money for the Loft Town candy shop